“ Video presentation ”


Hello everyone! Today, we are so happy to publish this new post. We want to inform you about the latest video released on Youtube.

It is a short presentation of Cassandra’s adventures, in order to give you a first glance at our fantasy universe. The music playing in background is called “Falling“, and is one of the several pieces that compose our original soundtrack. This is just between you and us… this music really is the one we love most! 🤫

It took us two days to make this very short minute. 🙈 Haha, we are not sure to have optimized our time well. We used After Effects and Premiere Pro for the realization, and Photoshop for some visuals.

The footage is only available in English. We decided to use this language to communicate with you all. It will make our work easier and we will not have to make the same content twice.

We hope that you will like this first preview. We can’t wait to show you more of our story! 🤗