Video presentation: E-mmersive Book 


A short presentation of the E-mmersive Book

Hey! How are you doing?

We have been very active lately. We worked very hard, every weekend, in order to make a better progress. You will find below a video that we have just made, to give you more information about our project.

📱 App development

We have made great progress on the development stage. On the video you will be able to see some pictures of the main concept. You will see the animation of the prologue, the first chapter we tried to make. You will also listen to one soundtrack of the OST, which is the orchestral version of the main theme.

🎨 Illustration stage

We are getting near the end of this step. We only have a few illustrations left to order.

Yeay! We started this stage in 2018, it was about time. 🤩

🌎 Translation stage

We are currently making the translation of the book. As it was written in French, we now need to translate the story into English. We are midway of this stage. We are making it chapter by chapter. This gives us the flexibility to make a final checking on everything before asking our translator to work on the chapter.

Once this stage is over, we will have to proofread the story one last time, and we will then be ready to make the printed version! 😄 We cannot wait!

🌟 Brand name

We have worked on the brand name: E-mmersive Book. As we really want to deliver a magical concept for you all, we have worked on the environment of this immersive experience.

We now have a logo, and we will soon register it as a trademark! 😲

📈 Startup incubator

We are currently accompanied by an awesome incubator, to acquire new skills and to develop our project more quickly. We will make a separate article in order to give you more information about it.

And what next?

Working on this project is like a roller-coaster ride! It is frightening, exciting, and so enjoyable! 😁 We will continue to work, and we will share new updates as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can take a look at our video presentation. We hope that you will like it.

Take care and see you soon! 🤗