The theme song 


Hello everyone!

Today, we feel kind of terrified, and very excited at the same time. If you are asking why, it is because we have just published the theme song of our project: “The star you want me to be”. This music has two versions: an English one (which is precisely the one we have just released), and a French one, which will be published later on.

We aimed for a dynamic and catchy song, to represent the universe of our project. The lyrics have a special meaning, they actually refer to the story of the book.

Several people have collaborated on this realization. A composer with Japanese inspirations, a talented male singer, a musician without equal for the electric guitar, and a female singer whose qualities will be revealed with the release of the French version. 😉

We hope that you will enjoy this new preview of the original soundtrack, and that you are now willing to listen to more songs!

We will see you soon in the Kingdom of Crystala’Opram ! 🙋