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Stages and progress

All the updates about the E-mmersive Book

What’s the current progress?

We’re making progress, we’re getting there! Above you can check the current progress of our project. We are currently in the first book production phase. Writing is almost complete, as is the original soundtrack.

If you are wondering about the project, the design, and the construction phases, you have come to the right place. We will update this page as we move through these steps. Without further ado, let’s start with a quick reminder. 😉







App development



Find out more about our journey and the stages ahead.

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The completion stages

We will not think twice, here we go! We’ve got the ideas, we’ve got the roadmap, we’ve got a destination. However we have decided to embark on this adventure… because we love it!   💖 And in our opinion, a passion must always remain as such. Hence the reason why we don’t force ourselves to a predetermined pace, we move at our own cruising speed, and according to our resources.

We’re not going to lie, carrying out this type of project requires a minimum investment. We do not wish to resort to debt, nor do we wish to approach anyone for financing. We only use our own funds, which naturally explains the slower progress.

But that’s not the point of the story! No matter how long it takes, we are not in a hurry. The first version of our book was written in 2010, and we are now at version 5.2. That’s right, ten years later! We’re not a few years away anymore. 😉

We have listed below the different stages of the project. Please note, however, that we are constantly going back and forth with each one of them, as we move forward, adjust, and rectify along the way.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at all these steps!


Naturally, we have the writing stage upstream of this project. What would a book be without a story? The final story is definitely locked to version 5.2 since 2017. Yes, yes, there have been as many versions… Not that we are particularly proud of that, by the way. It took us seven years before the final version was finally locked. Eternal dissatisfaction or extreme perfectionism? We leave it up to you to choose what suits you best.

We are currently at the editing stage. As we add new illustrations, we have to make a few changes.

As a matter of fact, the images have to match the text, and believe it or not, this is the most difficult step! What an artist imagines is not always what you had in mind. But don’t worry, most of the time it’s a lot better!

Chibi Cassandra writing


We start by compiling all the illustrations we’ll need, selecting, sorting, budgeting, and then the talent hunt can begin!

We exclusively work with freelance artists. Why this exclusivity? Firstly, because it fits in with our working method, which is to do everything in its own time, without any hassle, by meeting fantastic people to collaborate with and simply having a good time. Secondly, because it gives other passionate people the opportunity to do what they love the most.

As we have said, matching the image to the text is a very difficult task. We each have our own reference framework, and the perception of a word can have a completely different meaning for each of us. However, in most cases, there are some great surprises in store for us! Sometimes, we won’t deny it, the result isn’t as good as we expected. But that’s the game! We learn from our mistakes, we learn to be as exhaustive as possible in our descriptions, and above all we learn to surround ourselves with our favourite artists, with whom we could work without having to worry about anything.

This stage is quite the longest, since we work with humans and not robots. Each illustration takes time, we average two weeks for each artwork.
We started the illustration stage in August 2018, and we are still 40% of the work away.

Chibi Cassandra painting

The original soundtrack

We have the story, we have the illustrations, but we still need audio! The process is not very different from the illustration stage. We list our needs in a table, we make a first selection, we decide according to budgets, and once again, we select the artists we are interested in.

This stage is certainly the most fun and immersive of the whole project. It’s easier to agree on a music than on an image. It’s easier to explain the atmosphere you’re looking for, and to be guided by the brilliant ideas of the composers.

This stage is much more swift. We started in February 2019, and we are almost at the end.

We have almost finished the soundtrack. You could say that we are at the “tweaking” stage. We allow ourselves to be tempted by new ideas, we perfect the existing ones… we’re just having fun!

Paper format edition

In addition to the digital edition, we also offer the story and illustrations in paper format.

We would like to provide this reading option, because we know that a screen can never replace the pleasure of turning the pages of a book yourself.

In addition, it makes revisions much easier, because we simultaneously combine the illustrations, scenes and soundtrack before the programming stage.

This allows us to quickly identify any inconsistencies and make the necessary adjustments.

We use the super combo InCopy and InDesign for this.

Further stages to come…

We can’t explain what we haven’t done yet. Of course we know where we’ re heading, but we’re not going to run a red light and skip steps.  😉  We’re learning as we go, and we’re learning with ease.

To give you a rough idea of the remaining steps:

Current stages:

  • English Translation
  • Completeness of the illustrations
  • Application development
  • Graphics for the app
  • Business incubator

Next to come stages:

  • Proofreading for both French and English languages
  • Translation of the app

There you go! We still have a long way to go, and a lot of fun ahead of us!

Unfortunately we can’t tell you more at the moment… Stay tuned to follow our progress! We will update this page regularly. See you soon!