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The book that never ceases to surprise you

Do you feel like exploring? Do you feel like having fun? Do you simply feel like dreaming?

What if you could do all of this, while enjoying a stimulating and enriching activity?

Live a fantastic adventure as if you were there.
Explore a fully illustrated reading, with an original soundtrack, especially composed to give you a unique experience.
Travel in a fully animated universe designed to give you a complete immersion.

Progress through the story and unlock additional content, to find out more about the world you explore.

With our E-mmersif book, push the doors of the imagination, in the digital age, but also in the age of an accelerated pace of life.

Be prepared to travel, is it only for a bus ride, during your lunch break, or a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

No matter where you are, no matter how much time you have, your E-mmersif book will be to you what Sam is to Frodo.
Your best ally, always ready to support you, always present if you need to get away.

Then… Do you feel like playing or reading?
Why would you have to choose?

The project’s characteristics

Back to the origins

The idea is very simple.

Hélène, the person opposite, has found refuge in writing and dreams since her earliest childhood.

Faced with this world, where it is not always easy to live or to fit in, the realm of the unreal gave her what she was lacking in her daily life. A bit of tolerance, gentleness, and magic.

With stories full of her head and glitter in her eyes, she decided to bring her ideas to life, and to bring a little magic to this world.
She wants to recreate the universe of her story, to make it come alive, to fill you with wonder, to make you dream (yes, still ambitious enough)!

Then comes her second passion: Digital.

The concept

Great, let’s make an E-mmersive book designed for mobile devices! It will revolve around three pillars:

De l'image


Work entirely illustrated by a selection of artists

De l'audio


A complete and 100% original soundtrack, sound effects

De l'animation


Movement, games, animations, choices and interaction

Just to give you the idea,
our E-mmersive book consists of…








years of work…

The world of the book

A fantasy story

What would an E-mmersive Book be without a story? 😉 We are currently developing the following novel: Kingdom of Crystala’Opram.

It is a fantasy saga. The first volume is about 90.000 words long.

The book takes place in a fantasy world, with a divine protection. We follow the adventures of Cassandra, a young girl desperate to discover the truth about her origins, and to find her place in this universe.

Find out more

To find out more about the laws of this world or about the characters, you can take a look at the book page.

The progress of the project

We have explained our project to you in broad outline, but we have not detailed the different stages necessary for its production, nor our current progress.

To find out more, follow the arrow below, and find out everything behind this exciting adventure!