The book


Kingdom of Crystala’Opram

Volume 1

Author: Hélène | Genre: Fantasy | Public: Yound adults | Words: 110.000 Status : In progress

What if one day a door appears in front of you?
Would you open it or would you rather ignore it?

One Door. One Choice. A destiny?

Cassandra decided to open it.


Picture of the book: Kingdom of Crystala'Opram

▓▒⁂░▒▓ ░♦⁙ ░ ▒▒ A sound… ⁂▒▒ ░ Or rather a feeling… ◘▒♠ ░ ⁙ ▒▒ ♦◘ ▒ As if someone were looking for her… Calling her… ⁂ ░ ♠ ▒▒

One day, Cassandra heard a voice. She decides to follow it and ends up finding a mysterious necklace. The gem, so resplendent, holds powers beyond anything in this world.

In fact, it was more than just a necklace, Cassandra has actually found one Opram stone.

Slowly, she begins to uncover all the lies piling up around her, questioning her life, and her existence in this world. Does she really belong here?

Driven by her determination to unravel the truth, she pushes the limits of what is possible and manages to open up a new frontier between two worlds. The Albedo Hiatus. The gateway to the unknown, but most importantly, to the truth.

She steps through, and enters a world beyond the ordinary, beyond reality.

The Kingdom of Crystala’Opram.

Did she really make the right decision?

One Door. One Choice. A destiny?


A world beyond reality

The story of the book takes place at the heart of the Kingdom of Crystala’Opram.

It is the only world that has not been abandoned by the heavens, the only world that enjoys the protection of the divine.

All this is thanks to the offerings bequeathed by the great God the Creator.

These offering are none other than the Opram Stones.

The gift of an Opramist

When creating this world, the heavens decided to give the most deserving a chance to get a glimpse of mystical power. Each of the Opram Stones holds a fragment of divine essence, and contains fascinating powers.

However, only a few are able to wield the power of the Opram Stones. In order to release their power, five essential conditions must be met:

– physical resistance
– freeing of the spirit
– sensitivity to Celestial Grace
– sublimeness of the soul
– pureness of heart

People with such a talent are destined to protect the Kingdom with the fantastic powers entrusted to them.

They are called Opramists.

The characters

Cassandra Orfèvre

Main character

She’s 18 years old, pretending to be a 10-year-old child. Enthusiastic by nature and very curious, she has however a strong character.


Cassandra’s friend

At 24 years old, he is a soldier of the Kingdom and a seasoned Opramists. He doesn’t appreciate his position because his ideals of justice do not match those of the army.


Cassandra’s friend

He is 26 years old, a soldier of the Kingdom, and Kadjin’s best friend. He is cheerful and has a nice character, but he is not the type to fight for his ideas.


Leading Opramist

Best Opramist in the Kingdom, he climbed the ladder very quickly. His boorish nature doesn’t make Cassandra like him…


Second-tier Opramist

Excellent fighter, she is known for her coldness and ruthlessness. She hates Cassandra, and the hatred is mutual!


Leading Opramist

Known as a blue blood before his abilities, he is the heir to a prestigious family. Affable and distinguished, he is however often lost in his thoughts.

Master Chenty

Leader of the army

Severe, he leads his army with a firm iron fist. He hates wasting his time. He’s very wise, and he doesn’t trust Cassandra at all.


The Leader of the Army’s Assistant

He’s Master Chenty’s right-hand man. Timid and discreet, we don’t often hear him, except when he drops the piles of files he always carries with him.


Castle valet

Kind and extremely polite, he was chosen to take care of Cassandra. Beyond his duties, it is personally important to him to fulfill the young girl’s desires.

Claire Orfèvre

Cassandra’s grandmother

She hates people, and she wants peace more than anything. An inveterate former adventurer, she has compiled a notebook with the most elementary rules of survival. Cassandra does her best to keep them in mind.

Red Devil

Second in command at the U.N.I.T.

A person working for a technology organization in the Kingdom. Eccentric, he never hesitates to defy the army in pursuit of his goals.


The Wolfman

Discreet and hardly approchable, he avoids all contact with humans. As a Nydo creature, he is seen as a monster.
As the saying goes, “never approach a Nydo”. Cassandra, however, struggles to comply with the rules…

Preview of the prologue

A first glimpse

You will find below the prologue of our story. This is not a definitive version, but an indicative overview to give you an idea of ​​the environment.

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