Prologue: first extract of the e-mmersive story 


Take a look at the very first pages!

It is always difficult to get out of the shadow you’re hiding in. 😰 Staying inside a tiny mysterious place is much more comfortable, and way easier than letting the sun shine on your secret base. But there is a time for everything. And today could just be that day.

We have been working on our project for so many years, and never have we let anyone take a glimpse at our work. We sure are shy, that is a fact. Especially when it comes to something that personal.

Things are moving on, everything is accelerating at high speed. We are moving to the end of the illustration step, we are just starting the programmation part. At the same time, we are making the English translation of the story, which is a lot of concerned as well. Making the baby speak another language is not an easy task. We feel nervous about it, because we really want you to enjoy the experience, just the same as we crafted it in our native french language. 💗

Here we are today, publishing a post to show you the first extract of Cassandra’s adventures. You will find below the very first pages of the book. In order to start immersing you inside our story, we decided to present you some samples with a background a pictures. These are not high quality media, we just wanted to share with you the first lines of the e-mmersive book.

We really hope you will enjoy it, and we are looking forward to publishing more content with you! 🤗 

First extract: Prologue