Launch of the website 


Here we go!

Ladies and gentlemen, after many months, a very great deal of months (way too many mooooonths!) of work, we are very proud to present to you our brand new website!

We started its conception in February, which means ten months earlier. It is a very long time, especially nowadays, when it has become so easy to make a website. However, we really wanted to put all efforts to deliver you a personal website, as a sincere reflection of our universe and our feelings.

Through the design and the pages, we want to share the key aspects of our project: a dreamy atmosphere, fantasy, royalty, and above all, plenty of passion! 💖

Online, but not finished yet…

There are still a lot of adjustments to make in order to optimize the website and to correct all the irregularities we have found. But at least, here it is, published, online, ready to deliver all our messages and to share the progress of the project with you.

Publishing our website is our very first giant step in broad daylight. We were used to work like a top-secret service. 🤫 And yet, we have just crossed the border, and we are now ready to leave this shadow behind us, and to make our way by your side.

This was our first step, and it will not be the last! We will soon publish the first excerpt of the book Kingdom of Crystala’Opram.

See you soon for the next step in the adventure to come!