First preview of the soundtrack 


Original soundtrack: A journey to the Kingdom

As you may already know our e-mmersive book consists of more than forty original musics, especially composed to reflect our universe and to correspond to specific scenes.

Several artists have collaborated on the soundtrack. Each of them have added their imaginative and personal touch to it. Orchestral musics, Japanese-inspired ones, pieces of symphonic metal or some darker and scarier ones, this plurality of disciplines allows us to musically recreate the universe of the Kingdom of Crystala’Opram, with great loyalty. 🎵

The original soundtrack is almost complete, that is why we allow ourselves to publish online the first music entitled: “A journey to the Kingdom“. This is undoubtedly the one that best reflects the spirit of the book, and we will not hide it, it is in our top 3 of our favorite musics!

This composition invites you to travel, to push the doors of the imagination into a fantasy world. Conquest and freedom, magic and flight, mystery and fascination! 🌟

By the way, we have just created our YouTube channel at the same time. We will share with you other musics from our original soundtrack. We are already looking forward to publish more of them!

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this first music.

On the way to the Kingdom of Crystala’Opram!