“ Progress of the website ”


Moving slowly, but surely…

We are currently working on the website. We started on February, and height months later, we are slowly starting to see the finish line. However, we still can’t tell any release day yet.

As we made the choice to create our own website with our own efforts, the conception time is, of course, much longer. One thing is sure, though, the satisfaction is so much bigger! There is nothing more enjoyable than seing all your efforts take life bit by bit.

The biggest part of work is already done. We have just made our website responsive, to make it compatible from any device.

All we have to do now is getting into the last details. We want to launch a secured website, optimized for the best experience possible. That is why we are now working on the page loading, pictures format and sizes, the security system…

We will make sure to keep you informed, and we’ll do our best to publish a post about our personal adventure in making a website. This will maybe help some other entrepreneurs intending to create a website for their project!

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon for the launch of our website.