If you are on this page, you are probably wondering about us, or about our project. Well, you’re in luck, we’ve got plenty of answers! Just scroll down the page to find out more…

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What is this project?

The book that never ceases to surprise you!

We are working on a particular product… the e-mmersive book! An adventure designed to provide the greatest possible immersion through digital technology.

More than just a novel, we want you to experience a story through high quality multimedia content, while benefiting from the many possibilities offered by the digital era.

What does our book consist of? It’s quite simple! Images, sound, animation… and of course a great story!

Ultimately, our goal is to open our own publishing house specialising in digital, in order to bring to you our own vision of tomorrow’s book.


With our immersive book, we want you to  jump into a whole new universe, to make you feel the thrill, to help you dream!

Why this project?

“I’ve always been a technology enthusiast, and I’ve always loved to read. As for writing, it is more than a passion, it is a true outlet. And what if we could merge everything ? Why should we choose one field or another? Let’s kill two birds with one stone, let’s blend the poetry of words with digital data. Either way, we’re talking about one thing: creation.”

Avatar Hélène



We could shed a lot of ink and try to give you concrete, logical and rational answers to this question.
However, this project has not been driven by any logical data. We have not carried out any market research, we have conducted no analysis of possible competition, we have not investigated whether such a project is actually feasible. Not even one day did we shout out loud and clear: “I have a brilliant idea !“.

Why not? Simply because this project arose out of no logic at all. It started with the four simplest reasons, which have become our core values.

Our values

 Faire ce que l’on aime
Doing what we love

In life, we have many priorities, many constraints and obligations. Yet we often ask ourselves: “What’s the point?”. Sometimes we just want to do what we like. And that’s the reason behind this project.

 S’accorder le droit de rêver
Giving yourself the right to dream

We are told how to think, how to behave, we are blamed if we are not down to earth. But deep down, what’s the harm in breaking free? Without this, this project would never have come to life.

  Faire petit en pensant grand
Doing small while thinking big

You can’t build mountains overnight, you can’t propel yourself to the moon in the blink of an eye. You shouldn’t be ashamed to keep it simple, as you become greater and greater with every little step you take.

  <br>Partager pour créer

Sharing to create

It makes no sense to carry out a project if there is no one to share it with. We want to inspire everyone to dream big, and allow our freelance contributors to do what they like in turn.

Who are we?

Our principles

We have no degrees in this field, we are not professionals, and have no experience to report on our resumes. No, we are none of those things. We’re passionate people!  🥰

We believe that nothing is set in advance, that it is up to everyone to try and do what they like. Before telling you who we are, we would like to share with you our convictions, and tell you WHAT WE ARE.

🧙‍♀️ THE TEAM 🧙‍♂️

Avatar Hélène



At the age of 26, she switches jobs like she does with her clothes. As a multi-cap Swiss Army Knife, work doesn’t scare her, and challenges stimulate her.
Writing and reading are her bubble of respite. Her other hobby is computing, whether it’s coding or multimedia creation software.

Avatar Julian



Aged 27, an expert in customer consulting for a mobile operator, no phone holds any secrets for him. His keen eye is crucial to the progress of the project and to any adjustments along the way. In addition to his undeniable technical abilities, he knows how to make coffee very well and is currently learning how to make cookies.

Avatar Caroline



At the age of 29, a ninja artist working in the shadows, she is passionate about all types of creative work. Thanks to her talents, she ensures the final validation of the graphic content of the project. Outside of this mission, she brings magic to life on a daily basis as a saleswoman in the kingdom of Mickey Mouse.

And that’s it!

We hope that we have been able to clarify your questions, and we sincerely thank you for visiting our website.

If however you still have questions, need information, or perhaps even want to contribute and join our adventure, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to review your request and respond as soon as possible.

Let’s get in touch!